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In the CBA League, we have Zhejiang Lions squaring off against Guangzhou at China. This match will be taking place on Sunday, June 28, 2020 08:30 AM.

CBA League – Match Details

In China CBA 2020, Zhejiang Guangsha Lions has been situated at the fourth spot in the competition standings. In the aggregate of 34 matches partook, ZL has prevailing in 23 matches, crushed in 11 matches. ZL has figured out how to score 49 points in their record. In the last match, ZL has gone head to head against Beijing Ducks, in which ZL has dominated the game by scoring 100 points, though the rival has scored just 87 points. Prior to this match, ZL has coordinated facing Zhejiang Golden Bulls, in which ZL has scored 118 points, while ZB has scored 93 points, which finished in a triumph for ZL. The details of ZL in the ongoing matches are W. ZL must attempt to remain on this triumph track so as to move to the head of the table.

Guangzhou Long Lions takes the base third situation in the China CBA points table of 2020. GLL has participated in the aggregate of 34 matches, out of which they have figured out how to score 36 points for the group. GLL has confronted triumphs in 8 matches and confronted disappointments in 26 matches, up until now. In the as of late played match, GLL has played against Shanghai Sharks, in which GLL has lost the game by scoring just 75 points, while the adversary has figured out how to score 85 points. Before this game, GLL has played against Nanjing Monkey Kings, in which GLL has lost the match with the score of 103-105 points. The way of GLL in the past matches is W L. GLL should attempt set up a push to take more successes in the forthcoming matches, so as to move upward in the league points table.

Zhejiang Lions Squad

Du Jinlun, Yanhao Zhao, Jiayi Zhao, Jiaren Zhao, Sun Minghui, Zhu Junlong, Zheng Liu, Jinglong Li, Yujia Wu, Ruoyu Su, Jinxiao Li, Yuan Chenyun, Jinqiu Hu, Tianyi Zhao

Zhejiang Lions Playing 5 (Expected)

  • Yanhao Zhao (PG)
  • Sun Minghui (SG)
  • Jinxiao Li (SF)
  • Ruoyu Su (PF)
  • Tianyi Zhao (C)

ZL vs GLL Dream11: Zhejiang Lions Fantasy Picks

  • Du Jinlun
  • Yanhao Zhao
  • Jiayi Zhao
  • Jiaren Zhao

Guangzhou Squad

Ying-Chun Chen, Tianyi Yao, Yuezhuo Gu, Marcus Georges-Hunt, Jia Mingru, Fengbo Liu, Heng Yifeng, Tian Yuheng, Kai Guo, Zhun Zheng, Kun Si, Zhanwei Zhang, Mingyang Sun, Yongpeng Zhang, Yanzhe Li

Guangzhou Playing 5 (Expected)

  • Tianyi Yao (PG)
  • Marcus Georges-Hunt (SG)
  • Fengbo Liu (SF)
  • Kai Guo (PF)
  • Mingyang Sun (C)

ZL vs GLL Dream11: Guangzhou Fantasy Picks

  • Jia Mingru
  • Fengbo Liu
  • Heng Yifeng

ZL vs GLL Dream11 Basketball Prediction

ZL vs GLL Dream11 Prediction CBA League 2020

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