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In the CBA League 2020-21, we have Xinjiang Flying Tigers squaring off against Jilin Northeast Tigers at Hongshan Arena, China. This match will be taking place on Friday, January 15, 2021 01:00 PM.

CBA League 2020-21 – Match Details

After quite a while, the totally different season will come for B-ball fans. That is Chinese B-ball Association is Back! In CBA first match of the competition was played between Jiangsu Mythical beasts and Qingdao Falcons. In which, Qingdao Birds dominated the game with a score contrast of 102 – 94. Qingdao Falcons dominated the main game and made sure about 0.65 focuses in the competition. The following match was played between Xinjiang Flying Tigers–Jilin Upper east Tigers. Allow us to see who will win this.

Allow us to take a gander at the last 10 games measurements of these two groups. Xinjiang Flying Tigers Scored focuses normal in last matches is 100 twelve. Jilin Upper east Tigers Scored focuses normal in the last matches is 100 ten. Moreover, Xinjiang Flying Tigers Game focuses normal in the last ten matches is 200 thirteen. Jilin Upper east Tigers Game focuses normal in the last ten matches is 200 sixteen. We are exceptionally expected that Xinjiang Flying Tigers gets an opportunity to dominate the match by looking at the Scored focuses normal..

XFT vs JNT Team Record

Xinjiang Flying Tigers: Wins – 4, Loss – 1
Jilin Northeast Tigers: Wins – 4, Loss – 1

Xinjiang Flying Tigers Squad

Qi Zhou, Dehao Yu, Caiyu Tang, Lipeng Liu, Refukati Jiang, Donatas Motiejunas, Aizimaiti Tuxun, Lutu Bula, Chuanyu Zhu, LingXu Zeng, Lin Qi, Yongsheng Wu, Xierzhati Saimaiti, Xiaoyi Wang, Zhengbo Wang, Zhengwen Ye, Yingqi Liang

Xinjiang Flying Tigers Playing 5 (Expected)

  • LingXu Zeng
  • Qi Zhou
  • Caiyu Tang
  • Donatas Motiejunas
  • Lin Qi

XFT vs JNT Dream11: Xinjiang Flying Tigers Fantasy Picks

  • Dehao Yu
  • Caiyu Tang
  • Lin Qi

Jilin Northeast Tigers Squad

Cheng Zhong, Biao Zhang, JinLin Guo, Jiang Yuxing, JinMing Cui, Dominique Jones, Huaibo Dai, Weize Jiang, Ang Lee, Tianyi Liu, Changyi Chai, Bowen Fu, Anyu Lyu, Mingyang Geng, Degao Kong, Chenxiang Tian, Junfeng Zhao, Haoran Ding

Jilin Northeast Tigers Playing 5 (Expected)

  • Cheng Zhong
  • Jiang Yuxing
  • JinMing Cui
  • Dominique Jones
  • Weize Jiang

XFT vs JNT Dream11: Jilin Northeast Tigers Fantasy Picks

  • Dominique Jones
  • Weize Jiang
  • Ang Lee

XFT vs JNT Dream11 Basketball Prediction

XFT vs JNT Dream11 Prediction | CBA League 2020-21

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