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In the CBA League 2020-21, we have Sichuan Blue Whales squaring off against Fujian Sturgeons at Sichuan Provincial Stadium, China. This match will be taking place on Monday, December 21, 2020 08:30 AM.

CBA League 2020-21 – Match Details

After an extended time, the entire new season will come for Basketball fans. that’s Chinese league is Back! In CBA first match of the tournament was played between Jiangsu Dragons and Sichuan Blue Whales. In which, Sichuan Blue Whales won the match with a score difference of 107 – 96. Sichuan Blue Whales won the primary match and secured Forty – one points within the tournament. subsequent match was played between Sichuan Blue Whales – Fujian Sturgeons. allow us to see who will win this.
Let us check out the last 10 games statistics of those two teams. Sichuan Blue Whales Scored points average in last matches is 100 two. Fujian Sturgeons Scored points average within the last matches is 100 thirteen. Likewise, Sichuan Blue Whales Game points average within the last ten matches is 2 hundred eight. Fujian Sturgeons Game points average within the last ten matches is 2 hundred thirty nine. We are highly expected that Fujian Sturgeons features a chance to win the sport by comparing the Scored points average.

SBW vs FS Team Record

Sichuan Blue Whales: Wins – 4, Loss – 1
Fujian Sturgeons: Wins – 2, Loss – 3

Sichuan Blue Whales Squad

Hamed Haddadi, Tangwen Yuan, Hanyi Jing, Chen Chen, Ruoyu Su, Marcus Georges-Hunt, Yuanyu Li, Zhennian Zuo, Shuo Han, Songwei Zhu, Haonan Chen, Honghan Li, Zhenliang Yuan, Keqi Li, Tianyi Hou, Linsen Hu, Mengcheng Mo, Zhihan Guo, Tianyi Meng, Xiaohui Yu, Junlin Hu

Sichuan Blue Whales Playing 5 (Expected)

  • Hamed Haddadi
  • Tangwen Yuan
  • Hanyi Jing
  • Ruoyu Su
  • Songwei Zhu

SBW vs FS Dream11: Sichuan Blue Whales Fantasy Picks

  • Hanyi Jing
  • Ruoyu Su
  • Marcus Georges-Hunt

Fujian Sturgeons Squad

Trae Golden, Zhelin Wang, Chen Linjian, ChangChun Yu, YiChao Huang, Long-Mao Hu, Andrew Nicholson, Ming-Yu Liu, Mingzhi Xu, Tang Tang, Jianghuai Li, Liu Xucheng, Yingbo Li, Kamiran Sidikejiang, RunFeng Wang, Zhe Sun, Jiang Huai, Yuxuan Fan, Huang Yi, Cheng Feng

Fujian Sturgeons Playing 5 (Expected)

  • Trae Golden
  • Zhelin Wang
  • Chen Linjian
  • ChangChun Yu
  • YiChao Huang

SBW vs FS Dream11: Fujian Sturgeons Fantasy Picks

  • Trae Golden
  • Chen Linjian
  • ChangChun Yu

SBW vs FS Dream11 Basketball Prediction
SBW vs FS Dream11 Prediction | CBA League 2020-21

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