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In Austrian Bundesliga 2019-2020, FC Admira Wacker Displaying (ADM) holds the 6th situation in the alliance standings of “Assignment Round” with 9 points in their record. Up until this point, they have played 24 matches, in which they have won 4 matches, tied 7 matches, and lost 13 matches. The all out objectives for the group are 22 and against the group are 46. In the last match, they played against the group SV Mattersburg (MTS) on June sixth, in which MTS has scored 2 objectives, while ADM has been stuck with none, which finished in a destruction for ADM. Before this disappointment, they played against the group Austria Vienna (AUS) on June third, in which AUS has scored one objective, while ADM has been stuck with none, which finished in a thrashing for ADM. Their structure in the last five matches is L W D L. They need to perform better in the up and coming matches to push ahead in the group standings of assignment round. How about we see which group plays well and dominate this game.

In Austrian Bundesliga 2019-2020, St. Polten (POL) has taken the fourth position in the league standings of “Relegation Round” with 12 points in their account. So far, they have played 24 matches, in which they have won 4 matches, tied 9 matches and lost 11 matches. The total goals for the team are 27 and against the team are 55. In the recently played match, they played against the team Austria Vienna (AUS) on June 6th, in which both the teams have managed to score one goal in each of their account, which ended in a draw. Prior to this match, they played against the team WSG Swarovski Wattens (TIR) on June 2nd, in which TIR has been stuck with none, whereas POL has managed to score 5 goals, which ended in a victory for POL. Their path in the last 5 matches is D W D L L. In the upcoming matches, they must use their full potential and capability to take more wins, so that they can move forward in the league standings of relegation round. Let’s see whether they will win the match or not.

POL vs ADM – Recent Form

St. Polten: W D L L D
FC Admira Wacker Modling: L W D L D

St. Polten Squad

Thomas Vollnhofer, Christoph Riegler, Kilian Kretschmer, Michael Schimpelsberger, Sandro Ingolitsch, Kofi Schulz, Stefan Stangl, Christoph Klarer, Daniel Petrovic, Daniel Drescher, Ahmet Muhamedbegovic, Luan Leite, Luca Meisl, Nicolas Meister, Valentin Lamprecht, Alan Carius, George Davies, Daniel Schutz, Dominik Hofbauer, Martin Rasner, Daniel Luxbacher, Michael Ambichl, Robert Ljubicic, Christoph Messerer, Nico Gorzel, Lorenz Grabovac, Marcel Tanzmayr, Issiaka Ouedraogo, Pak Kwang-Ryong, Cory Burke

St. Polten Playing 11 (Expected)

  • Christoph Riegler
  • Luan Leite
  • Ahmet Muhamedbegovic
  • Christoph Klarer
  • Kofi Schulz
  • Dominik Hofbauer
  • Sandro Ingolitsch
  • Robert Ljubicic
  • Nicolas Meister
  • Daniel Luxbacher
  • Cory Burke

POL vs ADM Dream11: St. Polten Fantasy Picks

  • Pak Kwang-Ryong
  • Daniel Luxbacher
  • Robert Ljubicic
  • Luca Meisl

FC Admira Wacker Modling Squad

Marcel Kostenbauer, Christoph Haas, Andreas Leitner, Fabian Menig, Mario Pavelic, Milos Spasic, Leonardo Lukacevic, Paul Koller, Pascal Petlach, Bjarne Thoelke, Sebastian Bauer, Jonathan Scherzer, Christoph Schosswendter, Fabio Strauss, Emanuel Aiwu, Muhammed-Cham Saracevic, Marcus Maier, Daniel Toth, Kim Jung-min, Morten Hjulmand, Roman Kerschbaum, Wilhelm Vorsager, Nicolas Zdichynec, Marco Kadlec, Markus Lackner, Kolja Pusch, Dominik Starkl, Seth Paintsil, Markus Pink, Erwin Hoffer, Sinan Bakis

FC Admira Wacker Modling Playing 11 (Expected)

  • Andreas Leitner
  • Emanuel Aiwu
  • Sebastian Bauer
  • Muhammed-Cham Saracevic
  • Mario Pavelic
  • Roman Kerschbaum
  • Jonathan Scherzer
  • Leonardo Lukacevic
  • Marco Kadlec
  • Morten Hjulmand
  • Sinan Bakis

POL vs ADM Dream11: FC Admira Wacker Modling Fantasy Picks

  • Sinan Bakis
  • Erwin Hoffer
  • Kolja Pusch
  • Andreas Leitner

POL vs ADM Dream11 Football Prediction

POL vs ADM Dream11 Prediction |Austrian Bundesliga 2020

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