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In the Nicaragua Basketball League 2020, we have Leones de Managua squaring off against San Isidro at Nicaragua. This match will be taking place on May 10 , 2020, at 4:30 AM IST.

Match Details

In Nicaragua: Torneo Carlos Ulloa 2020, Leones de Managua will be faced San Isidro in the up and coming matches of the competition. The group LM is put in the fifth situation in the standings with 29 points scored in their record. So far they have played 16 matches in which they have won 13 matches and lost 3 matches. Furthermore, presently, they have three back to back successes against the group’s Bonanza, Tipitapa, and Masatepe by 100-73, 86-77, and 0-20 points separately. Their series of wins is three. Their structure in the last 5 matches is W L W. They need to dominate this game to occur in the best three positions.

Then again, the group San Isidro is set at the top situation in the standings with 33 points scored in their record. So far they have played 17 matches in which they have won 16 matches and lost one match. What’s more, presently, they have three continuous successes against the group’s El Rama, Nandaime, and Matagalpa by 41-73, 78-34, and 74-67 points individually. So they have a series of wins of three. Their structure in the last 5 matches are W L W. They need to keep up the series of wins, to hold the top situation in the standings.

Leones de Managua Squad

Peter Martinez, Kevin Alvarado, Mario Garcia, Daniel Tenorio, Lester Zelaya, Rogelio Bermudez Manzanarez, Alfredo Borge, Marvin Omier, Jose Perez, Manuel MacKenzie, Billy Gallardo, Flavio Obando, Danny Gomez, Giovanny Umana, Jonathan Hodgson

Leones de Managua Playing 5 (Expected)

Marco Garica (PG), Daniel Tenorio (SG), Alfredo Borge (SF), Mauiel Mackenzie (PF), Danny Gomez (C)

LM vs SI Dream11: Leones de Managua Fantasy Picks

  • Rogelio Bermudez Manzanarez
  • Marvin Omier
  • Flavio Obando
  • Manuel MacKenzie

San Isidro Squad

Carlos Gonzalez, Daniel Cardoza, Arath Cruz, Romario Ponce, Derek Castillo Gallardo, Andres Ponce Navarrete, Edwin Picado, Francisco Garth, Pedro Laguna, Andy Laguna, Ervin Morgan, Nelson Davis, Felix Centeno Ramos, Roger Munoz, Isaac Vallejos Jimenez

San Isidro Playing 5 (Expected)

Carlos Gonzalez (PG), Romario Ponce (SG), Francisco Garth (SF), Ervin Morgan (PF), Roger Munoz (C)

LM vs SI Dream11: San Isidro Fantasy Picks

  • Edwin Picado
  • Francisco Garth
  • Nelson Davis
  • Roger Munoz

LM vs SI Dream11 Basketball Prediction

LM vs SI Draceam11 Prediction Nicaragua Basketball League 2020-1

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