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In the Korean Baseball League 2020, we have Kia Tigers squaring off against Samsung Lions at South Korea. This match will be taking place on May 09 , 2020, at 01:30 PM IST.

Match Details

In South Korea, KBO 2020, Kia Tigers has been positioned at the eighth place in the league standings. In the total of three matches participated, KIA has succeeded in one match and defeated in two matches. KIA has got a winning percentage of 0.333. In the recent match, KIA has played against Nexen Heroes, in which KIA has scored eight goals, while the opponent has scored only five goals, which ended in a victory for KIA. Prior to this match, KIA has faced off against Nexen Heroes, in which KIA has struggled to score only two goals, whereas the opponent has managed to score three goals, which ended in a defeat for KIA. The path of KIA in the recent matches is L L W. KIA must try to stay on this winning streak, so that they can move upward in the points table.

Samsung Lions holds the ninth place in the South Korea, KBO points table of 2020. SAL has taken part in the total of three matches, out of which SAL does not manage to take any victory at all. SAL is yet to take its first win of the season. In the last match, SAL has matched up against Nc Dinos, in which SAL has scored only two goals, whereas the opponent has managed to score four times higher than SAL, which ended in a failure for SAL. Before this match, SAL has played against Nc Dinos, in which SAL has scored three goals, while the opponent has scored four goals, which ended in a defeat for SAL. SAL has faced only failures so far in this tournament. It has now, become the responsibility for SAL to struggle harder to take victory, which would help them in moving to the top part of the standings.

Kia Tigers Squad

Lee Chang-jin, Oh Seon-woo, Choi Hyung-woo, Kim Ho-ryeong, Lee Eun-chong, Lee Jin-young, Lee Woo-sung, Moon Sun-jae, Na Ji-wan, Preston Tucker, Yoo Jae-shin, Lee In-han, Park Jung-woo, Choi Jeong-yong, Choi Jung-min, Choi Won-joon, Hwang Dae-in, Hwang Yoon-ho, Kim Joo-chan, Kim Sun-bin, Ko Jang-hyuk, Park Chan-ho Sr, Yoo Min-sang, Na Joo-hwan, Hong Jong-pyo, Jang Yeong-seok, Kim Gyu-seong, Lee Won-bin, Min Gyeong-nam, Park Jin-doo, Park Jung-woo Sr, Park Min, Cha Myung-jin, Ha Joon-young, Hong Gun-hee, Hong Won-bin, Hwang In-joon, Im Ki-young, Jeon Sang-hyun, Kim Ki-hoon, Kim Myung-chan, Kim Seung-beom, Kim Yoon-dong, Ko Young-chang, Lee Joon-young, Lee Min-woo, Im Ki-jun, Moon Kyung-chan, Park Jin-tae, Park Joon-pyo, Park Jung-su, Yang Hyun-jong, Yang Seung-cheol, Kim Hyun-soo, Baek Michael, Aaron Brooks, Byun Si-won, Choi Yong-joon, Drew Gagnon, Hong Sang-sam, Jang Jae-hyeok, Jung Hae-young, Kang Min-su, Kim Hyun-joon, Kim Yang-su, Lee Jong-seok, Lee Tae-gyu, Nam Jae-hyun, Oh Gyu-seok, Park Seo-jun, Park Dong-min, Seo Deok-won, Yoo Ji-seong, Baek Yong-hwan, Han Joon-soo, Han Seung-taek, Kim Min-sik, Lee Jeong-hoon, Baek Hyun-jong, Lee Jin-kyung

Kia Tigers Playing 11 (Expected)

Park Chan Ho(SS), Hwang Yoon-ho(3B), Kim Sun Bin(2B), Preston Tucker(RF), Choi Hyoung-woo(DH), Na Ji-wan(LF), Yoo Min-sang(1B), Han Seung Taek(C), Choi Won Jun(CF), Drew Gagnon(P).

KIA vs SAL Dream11: Kia Tigers Fantasy Picks

  • Choi Hyung-woo
  • Kim Sun-bin
  • Aaron Brooks
  • Baek Yong-hwan

Samsung Lions Squad

Tyler Saladino, Ben Lively, David Buchanan, Oh Seung-hwan, Koo Ja-wook, Baek Jung-hyun, Kang Min-ho, Hak-ju Lee, Kim Sang-su, Park Hae-min, Kim Dong Yub, Lee Sung-Gyu, Kim Ji-chan, Yun Sung-hwan, Woo Kyu-min, Lee Won-seok, Kim Dae-Woo, Won Tae-in, Kwon Oh-Joon, Jung In-wook, Kim Hun-Gon, Choi Chae Heung, Jang Pill-joon, Min-Su Kim, Choi Young-jin, Seung-Hyun Lee,Back Seung Min, Lim Hyun-jun, Kim Yoon-soo, Ji-hoon Jang, Sung Ho No, Lee Sung Kon, Park Chan-Do, Ho-jae Kim, Park Gye-beom, Hyun Dong Lee, Min Gyu Kong, Yang Woo-Hyun, Kim Eung-min, Park Seung kyu, Ji-Guang Choi, Song Jun Suk, Sung Pyo Kim, Hong Jung-Woo, Jae-hyun Kim, Sun-Ho Choi, Kim Do-hwan, Si-Hyun Kim

Samsung Lions Playing 11 (Expected)

Park Hae-min(CF), Kim Dong Yub, (DH), Koo Ja-wook(LF), Tyler Saladino(SS), Kim Sang-su(2B), Lee Won-seok(3B), Sung Pyo Kim(PR), Kim Hun-Gon(RF), Kim Eung-min, (C) Lee Sung-Gyu(1B), Choi Chae-Heung(P).

KIA vs SAL Dream11: Samsung Lions Fantasy Picks

  • Lee Sung-Gon
  • Kim Ji-chan
  • Yang Woo-Hyun

KIA vs SAL Dream11 Baseball Prediction

KIA vs SAL Dream11 Prediction Korean Baseball League 2020-1

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