Dream11 has been making many changes to make it more fun for the users. Recently they have introduced more than one wicket-keeper concept to the cricket fantasy. This has made a huge difference in winning concepts.

Initially, Dream11 Cricket Prediction has had only one wicket keeper which has restricted the user from choosing two best wicket keepers. Imagine if MS Dhoni and B McCullum are playing opposite then the user tends to choose two of them so to make the user have this experience Dream11 introduced the multiple wicket-keeper concepts.

With this introduction, Dream11 Cricket Prediction websites are faced with huge difficulty to produce a much better winning combination. With the opening of this restriction, it has become a vast possibility to create a winning team.

Even though it is tough some Dream11 Cricket Prediction sites have cracked that too. So after a lot of research, we at Free Fantasy Prediction give out the best winning possible prediction for the users for free. This we do as a challenge to create the best possible team.