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In the Korean Baseball League 2020, we have Hanwha Eagles squaring off against Nc Dinos in South Korea. This match will be taking place on May 22, 2020, at 3:00 PM IST.

Match Details

Hanwha Eagles Squad

Jung Jin-ho, Choi Jin-haeng, Jang Jin-hyuk, Jang Woon-ho, Jared Hoying, Yoo Jang-hyeok, Lee Dong-hoon, Lee Yong-kyu, Kim Min-ha, Kim Moon-ho, Song Kwang-min, Oh Sun-jin, Lee Sung-yeol, Noh Si-hwan, Kim Hoe-sung, Kim Tae-kyun, Jung Eun-won, Ha Ju-suk, Jang Min-Jae, Jang Shi-hwan, Im Joon-seop, Chad Bell, Ahn Young-Myung, Yoon Ho-sol, Shin Jung-rak, Warwick Saupold, Park Yoon-Chul, Park Sang-won, Park Joo-hong, Lee Hyun-ho, Lee Tae-yang, Kim Ee-whan, Kim Jin-young, Kim Bum-soo, Kim Min-woo, Jung Woo

Hanwha Eagles Playing 9 (Expected)

  • Song Kwan-Min
  • Lee Yong-Kyu
  • Kim Tae-Kyun
  • Jung Eun-Won
  • Jung Jin-Ho
  • Oh Sun-Jin
  • Jared Hoying
  • Lee Sung-Yeon
  • Kim Beom-Soo

HAE vs NCD Dream11: Hanwha Eagles Fantasy Picks

  • Jang Jin-hyuk
  • Lee Sung-yeol
  • Ha Ju-suk

Nc Dinos Squad

Aaron Altherr, Choi Seung-min, Kang Jin-sung, Kim Sung-Wook, Kim Joon-wan, Kwon Hee-dong, Lee Myung-gi Sr, Na Sung-bum, Choi Jeong-won, Ji Suk-hoon, Kim Tae-jin, Kim Chan-Hyung, Lee Sang-ho, Lee Won-Jae, Mo Chang-min, No Jin-hyuk, Park Suk-min, Park Min-woo, Bae Jae-hwan, Choi Sung-young, Im Jung-ho, Im Chang-min, Jang Hyun-Shik, Kang Yoon-gu, Kim Jin-sung, Kim Geon-tae, Koo Chang-mo, Park Jin-woo, Drew Rucinski, Won Jong-hyun, Mike Wright, Lee Jae-Hak, Hong Sung-moo, Kim Tae-goon, Kim Hyung-Joon, Yang Eui-Ji

Nc Dinos Playing 9 (Expected)

  • Lee Myung-gi Sr
  • Kim Sung-wook
  • Kang Jin-sung
  • Na Sung-bum
  • Park Min-woo
  • Lee Won-jae
  • No Jin-hyuk
  • Lee Jae-hak
  • Yang Eui-ji

HAE vs NCD Dream11: Nc Dinos Fantasy Picks

  • Lee Myung-gi Sr
  • Yang Eui-ji
  • Park Min-woo
  • Park Suk-min

HAE vs NCD Dream11 Baseball Prediction

HAE vs NCD Dream11 Prediction Korean Baseball League 2020-1

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