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In Belarus Women’s Handball League 2020, Gomel Women has been scheduled to face off against BNTU-Belaz Women for the upcoming match of the tournament. Both the teams seem to have taken only one defeat in the recent five matches participated. From the looks of it, it seems like both the teams will be giving tough competition to each other in the next match.

Coming to the world-shaker COVID-19 disease, it has interfered most of the sports tournament in the world, right now. Because of this, most of the sports events have been either cancelled or postponed. In the meantime, players are motivated to play for the cause, instead of points, in order to raise funds for those in need of it, because of the out-break of this pandemic coronavirus. Nations such as Turkmenistan, Belarus, Nicaragus and Tajikistan have continued tournaments and matches as planned.

GL-W vs BB-W Team Record

Gomel Womens: Wins – 25, Loss – 26
BNTU-Belaz: Wins – 24, Loss – 25

Gomel Womens Squad

Yuliya Kuntsevich, Valiantsina Vaitulevich, Margarita Kushnyr, Darya Voranava, Katsiaryna Silitskaya, Viktoriia Divak, Nataliia Striukova, Anastasiia Petrenko, Katsiaryna Dronava, Anna Redka, Tatsiana Tsyrybka, Krystsina Misachenka, Iryna Stelmakh, Iryna Mokat, Nataliya Kotsina, Iryna Dronava, Natalya Hests, Krystsina Akhramenka

Gomel Womens Playing 7 (Expected)

  • Yuliya Kuntsevich
  • Katsiaryna Silitskaya
  • Tatsiana Tsyrybka
  • Viktoriia Divak
  • Nataliia Striukova
  • Iryna Mokat
  • Iryna Dronava

GL-W vs BB-W Dream11: Gomel Womens Fantasy Picks

  • Katsiaryna Silitskaya
  • Anna Redka
  • Nataliia Striukova
  • Iryna Stelmakh

BNTU-Belaz Squad

Alesya Safonova, Yuliya Hratskevich, Maryia Trayan, Liliya Burduk, Hanna Sukhamirava, Darya Vakulich, Liliya Artsiukhovich, Palina Trayan, Dziyana Shah, Anastastasiya Salei, Maryia Kanaval, Darya Basevich, Sniazhana Snezhka, Yana Sotnikava, Anastasiya Khaliaznikava, Yevheniia Levchenko, Valeria Hutava, Regina Kudriavtceva, Yuliya Ivanchykava, Tatsiana Rudkouskaya, Alena Zhuk

BNTU-Belaz Playing 7 (Expected)

  • Alesya Safonova
  • Darya Vakulich
  • Anastastasiya Salei
  • Hanna Sukhamirava
  • Yana Sotnikava
  • Anastasiya Khaliaznikava
  • Yuliya Ivanchykava

GL-W vs BB-W Dream11: BNTU-Belaz Fantasy Picks

  • Alesya Safonova
  • Darya Vakulich
  • Anastasiya Khaliaznikava

GL-W vs BB-W Dream11 Basketball Prediction
GL-W vs BB-W Dream11 Prediction | Belarus Women- Stage II

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