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In the Nicaragua League 2020 we have Deportivo Walter Ferretti squaring off against Managua FC at Estadio Olimpico del IND Managua. This match will be taking place on April 27, 2020, at 6:30 AM IST.

Match Details

In Nicaragua, Liga Primera Clausura 2020, Deportivo Walter Ferretti has been scheduled to face off against Managua FC, for the upcoming play-off match of the season. FER has been positioned at the fourth place in the tournament standings. In the total of 18 matches participated, FER has succeeded in 9 matches, defeated in 6 matches and has drawn 3 matches. FER has scored 30 points for the team. In the recent match, FER has faced off against ART Municipal Jalapa, in which FER has scored five goals, whereas the opponent has been left with only one goal, which ended in a victory for FER. Prior to this match, FER has played against Managua FC, in which MNG has scored one goal, while FER has been stuck with none, which ended in a defeat for MNG. The path of FER in the last five matches is W W W L W. FER must continue on this winning streak, so that they can move further forward in the leaugue standings.

In Nicaragua, Liga Primera Clausura 2020, Managua FC takes the first place in the tournament points table. MNG has taken part in the total of 18 matches, out of which MNG has faced victories in 13 matches, faced failures in 2 matches and has drawn 3 matches. MNG has managed to score 42 points in their account. In the last match, MNG has matched up against FER, in which MNG has won the game with 1-0 goal score. Before this game, MNG has played against ART Municipal Jalapa, in which JAL has scored only one goal, while MNG has scored stunning six goals, which ended in a victory for MNG. The stats of MNG in the last five games are D W W W W. MNG must manage to continue with this stabilized performances. Let’s not jinx it already, as they are at the top of the table.

Deportivo Walter Ferretti Squad

Alexander Caldera, Hayder Calero, Raúl Davila, Manuel Gutiérrez, César Lacayo, Junior Lanuza, Giannino Meloni, Nasser Valverde, Jonathan Vasconcelo, Fernando Villalpando, Bryan García, Jason Castellón, Bryan Muñoz, Nikita Solodchenko, Johan Bonilla, Axel Castillo, Jeffrey Chávez, Dexter Díaz, Pedrinho, Mark Mayorga, Marcos Méndez, Roberto Miranda, Henningston Real, Juan Camilo Rodríguez Naranjo, Leslie Sevilla, Wilmer Vásquez, Axel Velásquez, Leandro Figueroa, Dshon Forbes, Ezequiel Ugalde, Cristhian Flores, Abner Sampaio, Daniel Reyes, Eduardo Narváez, Ángel Osorno, Yader Zamora

Deportivo Walter Ferretti Expected Playing 11

Denis Espinoza, Manuel Gutierrez, Jason Castellon, Yunior Lanuza, Rene Huete, Leandro Figueroa, Henry Nino, Bryan Munoz, Bryan Garcia, Dshon Forbes, Fernando Villalpando

FER vs MNG Dream11: Deportivo Walter Ferretti Fantasy Picks

  • Rene Huete
  • Leandro Figueroa
  • Bryan Garcia
  • Bryan Munoz
  • Dshon Forbes

Managua FC Squad

Lester Acevedo, Deymark Hansack, Erling Méndez, Jeremy Espinoza, Sandro Cutino, Christiano Fernandes de Lima, Rigoberto Fuentes, Marel Álvarez, Jeffrey Araica, Jeremy Cuarezma, Deyner Vega, Juan Artola, Christiam Quinto, Camphers Perez, Kevin Serapio, Agenor Baez, Nahum Peralta, Ulises Pozo, Bismarck Veliz, Wesner de Trinidad, Erick Mendoza, Noel Alejandro Avilez, Darwin Contreras, Rodolfo Forbes, Alejandro Hernandez, Chris Lopez Olivas, Pablo Gallego, Carlos Félix, Pedro Espinoza, Luis Gutiérrez, Isaac Sequeira, Jefferson González, Mike Cruz, Armando Zepeda, Isaac Morales

Managua FC Expected Playing 11

Lester Acevedo, Rigoberto Fuentes, Christiam Quinto, Wesner de-Trinidad, Camphers Perez, Nahun Peralta, Christiano Fernandes-de-lima, Sandro Cutino, Pablo Gallego, Mike Cruz, Agenor Baez

FER vs MNG Dream11: Managua FC Fantasy Picks

  • Rigoberto Fuentes
  • Christiam Quinto
  • Wesner de-Trinidad
  • Agenor Baez
  • Pablo Gallego

FER vs MNG Dream11 Football Prediction

FER vs MNG Dream11 Prediction | Nicaragua League 2020

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