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In the Nicaragua League 202, we have Real Esteli squaring off against Diriangen FC at Estadio Independenci. This match will be taking place on April 30, 2020, at 6:30 AM IST.

Match Details

In 2019-20 Nicaragua League, Liga Primera-Clausura, Real Esteli will be played against Diriangen FC for the second leg match of Semi-finals. The team EST has taken the second position in the standings with 35 points. In the total of 18 matches played, they have won 10 matches, tied 5 matches and lost 3 matches. After securing the second position, they directly Qualified for the semi finals. In which, EST won the first leg match by scoring one goal and restricted the opponent DIR to score no goals. Prior to this win, they played against the team Jalapa and won by scoring 2 goals while the opponent team scored one goal. Their winning streak is two. Their form in the last 5 matches are W W D W D. They have been playing well and they have to keep up it, to enter the finals.

On the other hand, the team Diriangen FC has taken the third position in the standings with 35 points scored in their account. In the total of 18 matches played, they have won 10 matches, tied 5 matches and lost 3 matches. As a third top team, they advanced to the Quarter-finals and defeated the team Juventus Managua by scoring one goal while the opponent team failed to score any goals. Then, they entered the Semi-finals and lost the first leg match to EST by 0-1 scores. Their losing streak is one. Their form in the last 5 matches are L W W D D. Unlike the last match, they should try to perform better in this match to take win and enter the finals. Let’s see which team has more power to enter the finals.

Real Esteli Squad

Henry Maradiaga, Denver Fox, Esdras Gonzalez, Jason Casco, Oscar Renan-Lopez, Cristian Mauriel-Gutierrez, Manuel Rosas, Francisco Paz, Richard Rodriguez, Josue Quijano, Luis Lopez-Pindea, Janathan Sanchez, Edgar Castillo-Bellorin, Ricardo Rivas-Gomaz, Lucio Barroca, Jorge Betancur, Juan Barrera, Oscar Acevedo, Marlon Lopez, Jaime Ayala, Yohn Mosquera, Oscar Castellon-Ruiz, Harold Medina, Jesus Leal, Henry Garcia, Fabrizio Tavano, Brandon Ayerdis, Taufic Guarch, Luis Acuna, Vinicius De-Souza, Widman Talavera, Henry Figueros

Real Esteli Playing 11 (Expected)

Henry Maradiaga, Manuel Rosas, Jason Casco, Cristian Mauriel-Gutierrez, Josue Quijano, Richard Rodriguez, Jorge Betancur, Oscar Acevedo, Harold Medina, Brandon Ayerdis, Luis Acuna

EST vs DIR Dream11: Real Esteli Fantasy Picks

  • Manuel Rosas
  • Jason Casco
  • Cristian Mauriel-Gutierrez
  • Richard Rodriguez
  • Brandon Ayerdis

Diriangen FC Squad

Bernardo Gradilla, Ronaldo Espinoza, Jezerth Valenzuela, Yair Espinoza, Oscar Balladares, Érick Téllez, Bismarck Montiel, Cyril Errington, Denis Mayorga, Bryant Román, Jason Coronel, Bernardo Laureiro, Luis Fernando Coronel, Víctor Parrales, Francisco Vargas, Daniel Martínez, Elyin Hernández, Jeffrey Araica, Tulio López, Jonathan Zapata, Marvin Fletes, Misael Álvarez, Elvin Martínez, Engel Balladare, Álvaro Hernández, Abner Acuña, Miguel Pucharella, Danilo Zúñiga, David Jarquin, Kevin González, Cristóbal Aragón, Moisés Collado, Sebastian Barquero

Diriangen FC Playing 11 (Expected)

Ronaldo Espinoza, Érick Tellez, Bismarck Montiel, Bernardo Laureiro, Jonathan Zapata, Jason Coronel, Tulio Lopez, Marvin Fletes, Danilo Zúñiga, Abner Acuña, Álvaro Hernánde

EST vs DIR Dream11: Diriangen FC Fantasy Picks

  • Érick Tellez
  • Bismarck Montiel
  • Abner Acuna
  • Luis Coronel
  • Álvaro Hernánde

EST vs DIR Dream11 Football Prediction

EST vs DIR Dream11 Prediction | Nicaragua League 2020

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