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In the women’s super Basketball League 2020, we have Cathay Life squaring off against Chunghwa Telecom at Taipei. This match will be taking place on May 16, 2020, at 4:30 PM IST.

Match Details

In Chinese Taipei, SBL Women 2020, Cathay Life has been scheduled to play against Chunghwa Telecom for the next match of the tournament. In the recent match, CA has played against Taiyuan, in which CA has scored 114 points, whereas TY has been stuck with only 58 points, which ended in a victory for CA. Previous to this match, CA has faced off against Taiwan Power, in which TP has scored 35 points, while CA has managed to score 97 points, which ended in a win for CA. CA has been facing only victories in the recent five matches. CA seems not to be cutting off their winning streak, anytime soon. With strength and effort on their side, CA seems to have long way to go yet.

On the other hand, Chungwa Telecom has recently played against Taiwan Power, in which CHT has scored only 61 points, while TP has managed to score 78 points, which ended in a defeat for CHT. Before this match, CHT has matched up against Taiyuan, in which TY has scored 83 points, whereas CHT has struggled to score only 68 points, which ended in a loss for CHT. CHT has lost their past match against CA and they do not seem to make any effort to take victory in this match, as well. CHT has been facing defeats for the three successive matches, so far. The stats of CHT in the recent five matches are W W L L L. CHT should use their full potential and capability to take on their opponent in the upcoming match of the season.

Cathay Life Squad

Huang Fan-Shan, Pin Lo, Jou-Chen Huang, Zheng Yi-Xiu, Chen Yu-Chun, Wu Yi-Ting, Ling-Chuan Huang, Han Ya-En, Lan Hao-Yu, Lin Yu-Ting, Wang Wei-Lin, Li You-Ruei, Wei-An Chen, Ou Jie, Yang Qing

Cathay Life Playing 7 (Expected)

  • Huang Fan Shan (PG)
  • Zheng Yi Xiu (SG)
  • Ling Chuan Huang (SF)
  • Lin Yu Ting (PF)
  • Wei An Chen (C)

CA vs CHT Dream11: Cathay Life Fantasy Picks

  • Pin Lo
  • Chen Yu-Chun
  • Lin Yu-Ting
  • Wei-An Chen

Chunghwa Telecom Squad

Szu-Chin Pan, Huang Hong-Ying, Liu Hui-Ju, Wen Qi, Yu-Ting Huang, Liu Jia-Wei, Yang Shin-Hui, Xu Qian-Hui, Lin Yushu, Huang Zihan, Huang Hsiang-Ting, Xie Pei-Jun

Chunghwa Telecom Playing 7 (Expected)

  • Szu Chin Pan (PG)
  • Wen Qi (SG)
  • Liu Jia Wei (SF)
  • Xu Qian Hui (PF)
  • Huang Hsiang Ting (C)

CA vs CHT Dream11: Chunghwa Telecom Fantasy Picks

  • Yu-Ting Huang
  • Xu Qian Hui
  • Huang Hsiang Ting

CA vs CHT Dream11 Basketball Prediction

CA vs CHT Dream11 Prediction | Women's Super Basketball League 2020

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