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In the FIH Pro League Women’s 2020 we have AUSTRALIA squaring off against GREAT BRITAIN at Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney. This match will be taking place on February 2, 2020, at 12:00 PM IST.

Match Detail

In Women’s FIH Hockey Pro League 2020, we have Australia Women and Great Britain Women for the following match of the league. In which, Australia Women are put in the third position in the league standings with 3 points. So far they have played 2 matches in which both the matches were draws against the group Belgium. In the first game, they dominated in the shootout by scoring 4 goals while the adversary group scored 2 goals after the draw by 3-3 scores. In the following match, they lost in the shootout by scoring a single objective while the adversary group scored 3 goals after the draw by 1-1 scores. So, they are yet to dominate the first game of the league. In the no holds barred records, AUS has won 6 matches, lost 3 matches and tied 3 matches with the complete goals of 27. How about we see whether their first win happens right now not.

For Great Britain, it will be the first match right now. In the past version, they finished eighth out of nine teams, with 14 points. In the aggregate of 16 matches, they have taken 3 wins, 2 shootout wins, 1 shootout loss and 10 losses. With these poor statistics, they were disposed of in the Gathering Stage. So, they didn’t fit the bill for the following round of the league. In contrast to the past season, they should attempt to perform well right now improve rankings in the standings. In the straight on records, they have won 3 matches, lost 6 matches and tied 3 matches with the complete goals of 18. We should see how they will play right now.


Rachael Lynch, Jocelyn Bartram, Ashlee Wells, Edwina Bone, Karri Mcmahon, Jodie Kenny, Kalindi Commerford, Maddy Fitzpatrick, Georgina Morgan, Kaitlin Nobbs, Renee Taylor, Kate Jenner, Sophie Taylor, Karri Somerville, Jane Claxton, Lily Brael, Laura Barden, Greta Hayes, Georgia Wilson, Amy Lawton, Emily Chalker, Brooke Peris, Gabrielle Nance, Stephanie Kershaw, Ambrosia Malone, Grace Stewart, Mariah Williams

AUS-W vs ENG-W Dream11: AUSTRALIA Fantasy Picks

  • Rachael Lynch
  • Edwina Bone
  • Jodie Kenny


Maddie Hinch, Amy Tennant, Sabbie Heesh, Anna Toman, Amy Costello, Laura Unsworth, Grace Balsdon, Susannah Townsend, Sarah Robertson, Shona McCallin, Hannah Martin, Emily Defroand, Leah Wilkinson, Tessa Howard, Elena Rayer, Sarah Jones, Sarah Evans, Charlotte Watson, Esme Burge, Jo Hunter, Lily Owsle, Elizabeth NEAL, Isabelle Petter

AUS-W vs ENG-W Dream11: GREAT BRITAIN Fantasy Picks

  • Laura Unsworth
  • Susannah Townsend

AUS-W vs ENG-W Dream11 Prediction

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